• We constantly interact with State and Central government bodies to check on updated and new programmes for the betterment of youth.

  • Coordinating with educational institutions to help them improve skills of students.

  • Encouraging, supporting and providing youngsters the platform to participate in skill competitions and job mela's".

  • Scholarships to economically backward village school children, organizing drawing competitions, providing computers and study materials to support their education.

  • Donating sports equipments and offering training to promote sports in schools all over Tamilnadu.

  • Adopting schools in villages, donating to orphanages and to special care for elderly citizens in Tamilnadu.

  • Actively involved in environmental conservation activities.

  • Donate and avail 100 % Tax Redemption


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Doubtless that Education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation, but it’s heart breaking that many student are not able to complete primary or even secondary level schooling which makes seniors secondary or higher education out of their reach. Students who are able to make it till their S.S.L.C or Diploma /I.T.I are not able to continue due to many reasons and the major being due to their poor economical background. On the other hand those who are fortunate of education lack being exposed to Job oriented courses which will determine their value and give them the edge over others to get into sectors they are in search of. We are committed in serving these students who seek help from our trust by enrolling them in skill development courses for the development of the society.


We believe that unless each and every individual in the society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen.


As we have Practical session with our own Machinery in our Campus, the students get to know how to handle the Equipment confidently. Through our experience and analysis we have noticed that even though industries have the potential to offer jobs, it's majorly because the students lack the industry knowledge and not being trained to be industry ready with the required skill sets to enter the workforce, is also a reason for under employment or unemployment. Vocational skill training and courses could be a short term-solution to address this issue.


We conduct short term courses one and two months duration with a curriculum based on strong industry linkage focusing on hands on skill training as per industry requirements and counseling for students. Skill development courses taught are Diploma in CNC Turning, Milling, Auto Cad, Unigraphics, Master Cam, and Quality Management.


The Trust serves through four steps such as Mobilization, Training, Placement in job or entrepreneurship and post-placement support.


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